Software is the driving force behind the majority of today’s business world. Offices, retailers, and even restaurants use computers in the workplace every day. The software running on these computers needs to be able to meet the demands placed on it and it needs to be able to support the company on a long-term basis. In most cases, off-the-shelf software solutions meet the needs of the company and can be counted on for updates and upgrades in the future. Unfortunately, many companies find that they need to supplement their software with additional plugins and add-ons from third-party providers or a tailor-made Software Development Company.


The biggest problem with most off-the-shelf software is that it has a lengthy list of system requirements. A specific operating system will be needed, along with certain updates and value-add software. Some of the software may be free, such as the .NET Framework. Other software may cost the business owner thousands in licenses. Bespoke software is written to meet the current needs of the business. This means that the software is tailor crafted to fit with the system that’s already in place. Instead of striving to upgrade the operating system and purchase additional software, business owners can create software that works with what’s already in place.

Return on Investment

Commercially produced software can be very expensive for some companies. For example, in an office that utilizes productivity suites, each and every user will need their own copy of the program. For a company that has hundreds of employees, the total cost of licenses will be several thousand dollars. Instead of having to pay for each user, and hoping that the software will increase productivity enough to cover the cost, business owners can invest in custom software integration. By collaborating closely with the developer, business owners can be sure all the features they need will be present. this will assure that all the necessary tools will be included in order to keep employees productive and avoid having to buy additional software.

Time to Market

The biggest disadvantage to custom Software Development is that it takes much longer to get it ready to integrate into the system. Development time vary by project and scope, but the results take much longer than commercial Software Development solutions. Having to wait weeks or even months to see the end product could be impossible for some businesses. With Software Development Melbourne businesses will get the results they want, but they will have to be patient or plan ahead.